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Articles, flyers, and other materials emerging from PAGES groups and projects, or meetings supported by PAGES.

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Flyer: 2016 Pocket Guide to PAGES Science
Articles & flyers
Ghosts of oceans past
Articles & flyers
Warren Cornwall Science 2015
List of varve-related publications
Articles & flyers
PAGES Varves Working Group 2014
Editors Choice - Climate Science: Refreshing CLIMAP
Articles & flyers
Jesse Smith H Science Magazine 2009
A regional view of global climate change
Articles & flyers
Kaufman D, McKay N, Kiefer T & von Gunten L Global Change 2013
The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme: A Study of Global Change
Articles & flyers
Global Change 1990
Global changes of the Past
Articles & flyers
Global Change 1989
Globale Temperaturvariabilität der letzten 2000 Jahre
Articles & flyers
Wanner H & Grosjean M Physik in unserer Zeit 2014
Forward to the past – an update on PAGES
Articles & flyers
Oldfield F IGBP Global Change NewsLetter 1997
The PAGES/CLIVAR Intersection: providing the paleoclimate perspective needed to understand climate variability
Articles & flyers
Alverson K IGBP Global Change NewsLetter 1999
PAGES: Past and Future
Articles & flyers
Alverson K & Oldfield F IGBP Global Change NewsLetter 1997
Articles & flyers
Miller GH & Elverhøi A The Quaternary Times 1997
PAGES/CLIVAR Intersection
Articles & flyers
Alverson K, Duplessy J C, Jouzel J & Overpeck J 1999
ARTS: Annual Records of Tropical Systems
Articles & flyers
Cole J CLIVAR Exchanges 1997
Flyer: PAGES Overview
Articles & flyers
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