Postdoctoral researcher, regional climate modeling - Bergen, Norway

The University of Bergen, Norway, seeks an enthusiastic and highly motivated climate scientist to participate in the transdisciplinary Sapiens Centre of Excellence.


This represents a unique opportunity for an early-career scientist to establish a high-profile research portfolio and contribute to findings that will fundamentally change how we understand early humans and their relation to their environment.

The selected candidate will develop and conduct innovative regional climate modeling experiments, which will allow for a more robust understanding of local-regional scale climate conditions over Southern Africa ~100-50 ka. The fellow will, though collaborations with other researchers at the centre, help elucidate the crucial links between climate reconstructions, archaeological evidence and early human behaviour. Current archaeological evidence highlights 100-50 ka as being a watershed for human cognitive, technological and social developments in Africa. More research is needed to understand where, when and why early humans started to think and behave the way we do today. Improved understanding of the environmental and climatic conditions under which these developments occurred is a critical piece of this puzzle.


The candidate must have a background in atmospheric sciences, meteorology, climate science or a related field. Also, regional climate modeling experience is essential. Paleoclimate experience is a plus but not required.


Apply by 20 August 2018.

Read the full position description and apply here:

Further information

Questions or inquiries can be sent to Stefan Sobolowski: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.