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Traveling to Bern

Bern has a small airport outside the city, called "Bern-Belp", but there are only a few flights each day to selected destinations. If you fly into Bern-Belp you can travel to the city by taxi (20 min, approx. CHF 50), by shuttle-bus (20 min, approx. CHF 38) or by a combined bus and train connection which runs hourly (40 min duration, approx. CHF 14).

Most international flights fly to Zurich, Geneva or Basel airports. From Zurich and Geneva there are trains leaving every half-hour directly from the airport to the main railway station at Bern. At both Zürich and Geneva airports, the train station is located directly inside the airport. In Basel airport a shuttle bus goes between the airport and Basel train station. From Basel train station continue your journey to Bern train station.

Travel times for direct connections and one way ticket prices to Bern are:
- from Zürich airport 1:15 hr - 53 CHF
- from Geneva airport 1:50 hr - 53 CHF
- from Basel train station 1:00 hr - 42 CHF

Train schedules can be found at:

Note: Trains within Switzerland are expensive. If you plan to make more than one return trip to Bern, you may consider buying a tourist travelpass.

The main railway station in Bern is a two-minute walk from the PAGES IPO.


A good hotel near the PAGES IPO (5 mins), is the Hotel Arabella in Mittelstrasse.


Switzerland operates on 220-240 volts with round-prong European-style plugs; however, Switzerland has its own sockets/plugs. View an image here

Local currency

The official currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF). Establishments will often accept Euros but will give you return change in Swiss Francs. For current conversion rates go to: